Was I rude to him & should I apologise?

I unblocked him after he asked me if he was still blocked. On Saturday he said "You didn't have to! :p" I replied "I know I didn't. It makes no difference to me anyway." He didn't reply to that.

I just can't be bothered anymore trying to find out what he wants & why he contacts me still when he treated me selfishly.


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  • How are we supposed to know what happened you if you describe the aftermath and expect us to read your mind to tell if you were rude.

    • Nothing big really happened, I just think my ex is looking for attention & ego boost, so I got a bit fed up with him not saying what he wanted and made that comment.

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    • I can't help you. You're talking like I have context on the stituation.

    • Well he let the relationship go, (scared of commitment & responsibility. Thinks it's easier to be on his own & the relationship seemed to be on his terms) and since then it feels like he wants to keep a hold on me, like he doesn't want me, but doesn't want anyone else to have me. I eventually blocked him when he wouldn't say what he wanted.

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