Did I come off well after meeting up with the ex girlfriend?

This sub was great for advice and stuff last time so just thought I'd come back. Ex girlfriend asked me to drop some stuff off for the pet we bought, it's been a couple weeks now since I went no contact finding out she's dating I couldn't stick around being a friend.

I was busy working so couldn't reply straight away, at first she asked me to drop it at her mum's, then to her at work then when I didn't respond she rung me up and asked to meet her on her break so we could catch up. Went to meet her and we spoke a bit had a nice laugh, she said I looked good ( been hitting the gym ya know how it is ) asked me if I was seeing anyone I said a couple but nothing serious, she's still seeing the same guy and she mentioned yeah it's going well, but not rushing it so if it ends she won't be too upset ( but I know she's sleeping with him so I guess the not rushing it just means labelling it ) ,

she made hints about her new house when I said it was nice and she said you could have lived here, just said yeah but things changed ( since she left me ) .

Played it cool, told her I was happy for her and that I hope it works out if he makes her happy I do obviously still care, would love to one day be with her again but I know we both need to date and grow up a bit , just seeing from a girls point of view if I played it the right way? didn't want to push her away saying I was happy for her but couldn't exactly say take me back haha, thought I'd ask for some input Thanks again ladies Xx


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  • Yeah you didn't make a fool out of yourself

    • Thanks wanted to check. I'm not waiting around anymore living my life and all that still hope the way I acted got me in her thoughts a bit, time will tell

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