Is it too late?

My ex broke up with me about a week and a half ago. Right when I thought I had moved on I realized that I love her more then I did when she broke up with me. She's moved on already but we still talk. She's got a boyfriend now that lives across the country from us and he's an ass hole but she's to blind to see it.

She kept every picture we ever took together up on her facebook even though she usually takes down pictures of her exes as soon as she can.

She talks to me all the time and if I even mention another girl she gets mad. Especially if that girl is the one she thinks I have a crush on.

We've already gotten back together once and it was great until I went on vacation and we lost communication.

She says the guy isn't an ass hole but he is. When she is hurt everyone tries to comfort her except for him (and it tends to be his fault) He purposely says things to her that he knows will upset her. But she likes him more because she can talk to him about anything, without him worrying about her or getting jealous. She told us both the same thing at the same time "I feel like I want to over dose... nothing is going right," I freaked out on her and talked to her seriously and changed her mind. All he said to her is "Have fun, does this mean I'm single?" what the f***?! I seriously want to fly to California and kill the guy right now. He's an ass hole and she deserves better.


Sometimes late at night she asks me "How are you feeling?"

and I'll say "fine" and she goes "I mean about me.." and I'll tell her "I still love you. It hurts but I think I always will, your an amazing and beautiful girl and nobody will ever be able to replace you." or something like that. She'll smile a little but then she'll type "=/" or "v.v" and sometimes she'll even say "Nobody will ever replace you. Nobody will ever be as sweet to me as you were. That night we we're on the couch was amazing, I was in heaven and I've never felt that way before, not with any of my exes and not with my bf.. he lives to far and I don't think he'd be as comfy..." or something like that..

Her mom keeps telling me "Did she even tell you he lives in California?! She still cares about you a lot, I have a feeling. Don't be to quick to move on.. I saw you tried and I saw how much it hurt both you and her" (the her is her daughter)

I don't know what to do... some people tell me to give up and some people tell me to wait and see... but it hurts a lot to know she's with that ass hole and all I can do is sit and watch as he slowly breaks her heart.

What should I do?

Is it too late to get her back?


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  • It's never too late to get someone back. Especially if they have the same feelings for you. Don't rush into things if the feeling is mutual between you two. Take it slow. Show her that you're always going to be by her side no matter what. Show her that you're the bigger and better man.

    Parents are usually right about relationships. They've been there done that with guys in their life. And she's right. Don't be too quick to move on. People make that mistake all the time and it ruins the best relationships.

    So like I said, take it slow. Listen to her mom, and show her that you're always going to be there for her.

    You're still young, so don't set your standards too high just yet.

    • My mom hates how much I care about this girl. She always goes "Your still talking to her?!" "When are you going to remove her from facebook?" "Can't you just find someone else?"

      I used to be pretty good at moving on... I've done it my whole life but for some reason I just can't with this girl. And, I was supposed to visit her the day after she broke up with me but I just couldn't do it.. 7 hours to go see a friend? Nope, especially not on what would have been our anniversary. But I wish I went

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    • Okay.. she's doing something weird now.. she's letting me get real close to her again and it's almost like we're back together then she pushes me back away. She won't listen to any songs I suggest even because seh thinks their going to be love songs or something.... she keeps saying she likes another guy more then me because they relate better but she still talks to me and acts like we're dating at times.. but other times she pushes me away... I don't know what to do now.....

    • Sounds like she's just sending your emotions through a roller coaster. I would back off. Either that or just move on. It's not healthy. Plus, there's plenty more opportunities out there for you to find. Just try looking for someone else. You might think that that won't ever happen to you, but it will. Trust. me. I would just let her be. Seems like she made her decision. You're just a shoulder to cry on when the going gets rough.

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  • It's too late, move on because she has already made her choice. You are just a an emotional tampon to help her get over the "problems" she's having in her relationship with this other guy. SHE LEFT YOU FOR HIM! That tells you all you need to know. She's just selfish and wants your attention. She's with an ass hole... Let me tell you this, that's why she's attracted to him. The thrill, the challenge, the excitement, the drama that women say they don't want but deep inside they want it badly to keep the spark in the relationship. You have got to move on NOW. She will drag you along and have you in limbo. She is thinking that you are the type of guy that she will "settle" with when the time is right, and she doesn't want that right now. She won't leave him because deep down she enjoys the treatment he gives her. He filled the gap that you couldn't... You are her "friend", and her seeing you that way is probably the reason why she left you in the first place. If you are a "nice guy" you will always be left for exciting jerk boys. Stop wasting your time. Go date other women, don't wait for her let her catch up to you. By the way, she can't miss you if you are already there for her all the damn time...


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