What normally happens when you get rejected by someone in the opposite gender?

Do you end up being strangers with the person? Or stay as friends?
Serious question, how do you know if you had a crush or you are in love with someoe?

For example, how do I know if a girl loves me?

And how I'll a girl know if a guy loves her?

Thank you


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  • Uh I reject my boyfriend of almost 1 year at first. He tried again obviously.

    • How can someone tell if they have a crush or that they love the other person?

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    • So 40 minutes away?

    • Yeah basically. But even if it was 10 or more he would try his best, he is just that type of person. Not that I don't try..

Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on a variety of factors.

    If you hardly know this person, you typically move on.

    If you're friends for a while and you try and get rejected, then your friendship suffers for a while from the awkwardness, but eventually you either decide to pretend it never happened and keep being friends, or move on. (It also depends on the reason for your friendship... if you were physically attracted to them from the beginning, then its potentially a painful reminder and bad use of time to keep expending time and energy on someone who won't reciprocate your feelings. If you really get along with them in general, then I don't see why you couldn't continue being friends even after a rejection).


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What Girls Said 2

  • What normally happens is what you let happen. Whether by you or them.

  • I either stop talking to them enterily or stay a comfortable distance away


What Guys Said 1

  • i only ever asked 2 girls out properly. The first became my best friend and is still to this day.

    The second said no initially, but then 3/4 months later asked me out and we dated for about 6 months, then she broke up with me, we didn't talk for about 6 months, then we became friends for a further 6 months til it all blew up now we don't talk at all and probably won't again πŸ˜‚


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