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I was with a man for 5 years this past may, he took a job out of country a year ago and so I took one as well. Only problem was that his got cancelled and mine didn't. I got to the new country and got terribly sick. I wasn't able to talk to him for over a month. I finally got my phone back and was working on getting healthier to make the trip home. He was informed of what happened and was going to wait for me. Then he was worried that I was never coming home. So he left me, a simple text and then that was it. He changed his number (we were engaged and when I came home, we were supposed to be living together again). I'm all better, I'm on my way home.. but not to him, because its been two weeks with no word. He told a mutual friend he wants nothing more to do with me. I'm broken hearted. How do I just move past this? How could he just give up on us just like that? No more words to me other than goodbye? According to our mutual friend it was a split second decision. His last post on FB (before blocking me) was " my heart and my brain are saying two different things, I know my brain is right.. but my heart won't shut up". He has not spoken anything to me since my text and tells everyone he does not wish to talk about me. My heart is hurting. Advice please.


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  • you have two choices first feel pity for yourself second be the girl before you met that s. o. b


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  • In my opinion, discuss the problem honestly with someone who cares about you enough to open his heart and ears to listen to you. Confessing and let things go out from the inside is a good procedure to release some pain. Try it

    • Honestly I am completely alone. I stopped talking to my family because they didn't approve of him, my friends have faded away while I was gone. I feel isolated.

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