My ex accidently responded to my friends with benefits add. What now?

I went onto this app to look for a descret NSA to relieve some stress. I was desperate and too afraid to go out and have a one night stand or even physically look for one. I am too focused on my goals so I don't get involved in relationships. I ended up talking to someone I kept flaking out on because I was too scared of having sex with someone I didn't know. Anyways long story short he asked me to be his girlfriend (he understood sex was still going to happen if he didn't) after we got to know one another it ended up being a very toxic and passionate soap opera type relationship. Then he didn't want to be with me anymore. I was cordial and left on good terms because I just wanted to continue focusing on getting my degree and building a better life. 6-7 months down the line, I finally have room for someone in my life. So I went back onto this app and said I was looking for a friends with benefits. A guy responded, I don't have a picture up neither does he so I sent a picture of myself, he never responded. I took a second look at the name, I realized it was my ex because he used the same fake name and the same details when I met him. Even though I thought we left on good terms, there was no small talk. I don't bother him, I don't stalk him. I just kind of just respected his space because I don't need that sort of negativity in my life, the drama drained me to death, I just want to be happy. I texted him later to see how he is doing, I think he blocked my number because he never replied back. Even though we broke up on good terms, he seemed ok. I'm handling it like a champ and backed off. And I'm still going to back off. Except it kind of hurt when he didn't reply back, at least say hello. Why is he ignoring me? I'm not annoying. I don't bother him.


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  • dont get panicked... chill out... and see what he says...


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  • Except that you are bothering him. You responded to his message, he wasn't interested so didn't reply and then you've sent him another message to see how he's doing.
    Bottom line is that if he wanted to speak with you he'd have done so, the fact he hasn't shows he just wants to be left alone


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