Is it okay for another person that is in a relationship to contact your significant other when their relationship is not doing so well?

The question spawns from a man that is in another relationship (currently not going well), contacting my girlfriend ALL OF A SUDDEN after each encounter he has with my girlfriend and I as of late. Also, this gentlemen does his best to treat me like I do not exist whenever him and his girlfriend are with my girlfriend and I (looks at only my girlfriend or his own (which doesn't pay attention to him). My girlfriend simply talks back to him just to be nice.. but once the couple leaves, in comes the text message.

Tbh the action comes off as snake like, and the timing is incredible to say the least..


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  • No! That's boarderkine cheating

    • Okay, I feel the same.. especially due to the fact that the guy doesn't acknowledge me whatsoever.. it just seems like the answer to all of lifes problems is to walk up and punch people in their face... as it appears obvious that neither this guy or my girlfriend respect me.. im not sure if my girlfriend is disrespecting here or not, because she just plays the oblivious card..

    • Also, the guy is now liking her social media posts/commenting on them more frequently as well

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