Don't you just hate it when you're ex gets jealous for no apparent reason?


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  • Well, the most obvious observation is that they're an ex and hence they don't have the right to bring their jealousy to your door. They're in the past. I wouldn't particularly care if an ex gets jealous because they're not relevant anymore.

    • He was the one breaking up with me. Now he gets jealous 😒

    • Exactly, it's not your problem. Tell him to concentrate on his own damn life and to leave you alone. Tell him that it's not his place to get jealous and that you don't care if he's jealous.

    • Good point thanks for that.

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  • Don't you just hate it when a 33 year old woman still can't form a grammatically correct sentence?

    • Aaaah what would I do without my fellow grammar nazies

    • Apparently you need some spelling nazis as well

    • Hahaha okay my deepest apologis (I spelled that word wrong on purpose) just for you

  • My ex dumped me then got upset I was sleeping around with other girls even though she was doing the same thing lol

    • Your case is different, I didn't cheat on him but I did move on after we broke up.

    • I didn't cheat

    • Lol me either. That's why I'm saying your story is different.

  • I hate my ex in General

  • I wouldn't know if my ex was jealous, since I don't care.


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