I cuddled with a married man to get some secrets?

My next door neighbor is a cop and ever since I was 15 he flirted with me, touched me, would send me very strong flirty texts, ask me to come over and give me drinks when I was a minor. I kept all the texts and cuddled with him to get him to admit what he has done and show his true colors and recorded everything. I want to eventually show it to his wife who I happen to be good friends with, but I know 100% he will do something to me so I'm terrified. I feel sick by the things he's told me and how I cuddled with him. I can't go on keeping this secret and makikkg me so sick and guilty but I had to do it and now I have proof but he's also very smart so he answered in ways that I wasn't expecting so now I have to figure out a way to make him tell me the solid truth so I might have to do it again. He has hurt me emotionally and made me feel scared I can't ever forgive that. What should I do?


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  • you were 15 and probably were scared to tell anyone. its never too late. i think you should probably tell his wife. you were small then but still he seduced you. so im on your side now. so its hetter to tell exactly ehat happened to his wife including where you slipped and fell in his trap. probably should find someone to protect you since you said you are sxared he might do something to you.

    • I'm 21 now. For several years I was clueless and he slightly threatened that I should never tell her or anyone, but now I know I must get as much evidence as possible to show his family his true colors I don't want home hurting another 15 year old, I HAVE 15 year old sister and she's getting prettier. I won't let him do what he's done to me. As soon as I'm far away from him and am safe and protected I will tell her.

    • I feel sick about what I have done but I needed to take action. I would never ever let him touch me sexually it kiss me even tho he asked and thankfully o got that recorded. I will never condone cheating. This is all an act till I can tell her.

    • dont act anymore. stoo the act and tell his wife. at least now you have the urge to tell his wife. maybe in the future it might get out of your hands. so better confront asap than keeping it for later and it might lose its heat

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  • How old are you now? Did you tell anyone abuse his abusive behaviors? Your messing with a cop he can make your life a living hell if you're doing to expose him expose to the world and not only to his wife they probably will woop your ass and make you look crazy


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  • you brought it on your self if you really cared what his wife thought you would of told her at 15 when the pervert was trying to seduce you instead you led him along to get gossip your vile and I hope his wife sees you both for what your are when it all comes out

    • I was afraid of him you can't just expect this to be easy for everybody. I don't condone cheating at all.

    • so afraid you took him up on his offer to go round to his and be supplier with alcohol when a simple I can't my mums home would have ended things. even if we say your 18 that's still 3 years you let things go on and by your own admission was doing it to get dirt that doesn't sound like a scared girl you even say you may have to do it again by the sounds of it your doing this to get from it what you want its nothing to do with proving to his wife what he is the txts from when you were 15 would have done that!

  • Just drop it, before you fuck yourself up.
    Tell him to leave you alone seriously and stay away.
    If he continues, send in the evidence to the police or IA, if possible.

    I mean you did cuddle up with him. If you were not a minor at that time, then you have no win on your side.

    Also, have you not told your parents or other adults? Come on!!!

    • I have told my parents but they are not the fighting/confronting types. Plus he's a cop he has more power over us.
      I don't think his wife will care too much about me cuddling with him she's even told me I could. But it's the things he says that will get him in trouble.

    • Police are all about image. Ruining that for one cop and the rest will turn on him.
      That or move away.

  • Dont complain if you get beat up... I know how you feel but its really dirty of you. You should made it clare for him u dont want to. You disgust me for doing this to him. You can turn his whole life up and down. Warn him and blackmail him to stop but dont tell his wife

    • Excuse me? I'm not the bad guy here. Don't answer if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. A lot of you men think it's okay to support male perpetrators just cause they're males too. Quit it.

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    • Whatever

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • You encouraged this behavior, you are half of the problem. You probably should not do anything, but whatever happens if you do, happens.

    • I never initiated anything for 6 years I have dealt with this. Only recently I decided I need to take action/revenge cause he's a horrible human being. You don't know him. And I can't let his wife think he's a saint.

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    • I'm afraid of him tho. I know he's going to hurt me.

    • The fact that he is a cop makes this very sensitive, because the very people you would be asking for help before you tell his wife may do the opposite of help you. This is why it's not a good idea to get involved in things like this. I don't really know what to tell you other than you should probably not talk with him anymore and not tell anyone, for your own safety.

  • you brought this on your self I also blame the wife because am sure she caused this

  • You caused this and encouraged it yourself.

    • No I didn't. I never wanted this. In the end he is the one who is taken and has a family. I would never do this to my spouse

    • 1. He texted you (how did he get your contact info?)
      2. He invited you over (You chose to come over unless he kidnapped you)
      3. You kept his texts (more than one means you kept doing it just to mess over him)
      4. You didn't tell him to stop.

    • He's my neighbor... and his wife and I are friends and I used to babysit their kids. He also has my other family members numbers...
      I go over to see his wife and kids and to have fun with them and she is also my work out buddy
      I kept his texts cause that's the fucking smart thing to do... why would i delete evidence
      And I did tell him to stop... he didn't.
      He's a nasty human being. I can't let him get away so I need to play his game and get proof and expose him. Otherwise who will believe me?

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  • Why would you do that? His wife isn't going to like hearing you cuddles with her husband. You're not doing her a favor. You're not innocent.

  • If you have any intelligence keep your distance and mouth shut. If you are this torn seek therapy. It sounds like you'll end up in a ditch.

  • Do what you need to do

    • Thank you. I have a plan to tell once I'm far and safe and can protect myself

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