Why is that people think that girls are only majorly affected by break ups. guys are also human and love the girl a lot and break ups are very painful?


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  • It really does depend on the situation at hand. If the guy breaks up with the the girl, then the girl is obviously going to be heartbroken, and the applies to if the girl breaks up with the guy. Everyone has feelings at the end of the day. But in my opinion and experience, the guys usually act like they don't care, they usually act like they are getting on with their lives just fine and this makes the girl feel like it meant nothing to them. Guys have a very good way of putting on a front, so they don't come across as weak. Not all guys are like that and some girls may be tough cookies as well. Some guys might be hurting on the inside, but they definitely know how to put on a good show of 'I am fine'. That is just my opinion though

    • "I am fine" is a persons biggest lie...
      I dont remember where i read this but its true

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  • because the most humans think "he is the man is can handel the pain and it wount affect him much" or something similar


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  • Everyone knows that...

  • I think they just act differently. Men are more likely to keep it all inside and lash out in other ways by drinking excessively and sleeping with other girls while maintaining a "everything is great, I love single life" front to deal with the pain.
    While girls will cry and talk it out with friends because it's more socially acceptable.


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