She slept with another guy saying she was depressed and lonely?

i was in a relation for 3 years and we've been away for almost a year. things were going smoothly. we had time differences and one day she said she had enough and broke up wjth me cos she felt i did not find enough time for her. i tried talking to her from the next day itself and she blocked me. the next day she went and slept with another guy. that went on for 4 days and i din know. she came back to me after a week saying she made a mistake. and i forgave her. we got back. she told me she did not talk to uim and stuffs. and she was being honest. i trusted her. but then after 2 weeks she broke up again and i later found out she was still talking to thaf guy. i lost it completely and sweared at her with all i had and left. now she's texting me saying for the sake of our relationship we had for 3 years forgive me and all. i gave her a chance once and she did that behind my back. i dont trust her anymore. should i forgive her?


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  • I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this tough time right now, the most difficult thing in a relationship is knowing when enough is enough, and then later on regretting it further down the line. She sounds very confused to me, sounds like she would like your attention to be all on her, which doesn't work in a relationship. It takes two to tango so the attention should be just the same on both parts. It also sounds like she thinks she can crawl back to you whenever she likes, and that is not fair on you because you have feelings as well. Making up and breaking up in relationships is never healthy, and I think you two need to have a sit down and a proper talk and address the situations at hand, she can't expect you to forgive her everytime she goes off and does something 'silly' and then comes back, your feelings are a part of this too. I don't know her and she may well be depressed, but to me it just sounds like this is trying to get your attention and mess with your head everytime. Depression isn't something to play on and she's not fair to tell you that as a maybe excuse, but like I said, I don't know her and she could be depressed or had a bad past with me. Your best thing to do before forgiving her, is to sit down and talk to her properly. Talking always helps. But remember to think of yourself in all of this and look after you. Things will turn out how they're meant to in the end.
    Good Luck & Keep Smiling :)

    • the problem is I've only slept with her and not anyone else. even now i can't think of it. and she was always against these cheaters who slept with other people and now she dos that by herself. and she lied to me the second time saying she blocked him while she did not and was still talking tk him. i dont think i can forgive her. but our past does not allow me to believe she could dk this to me. im stuck in between. how do i move on?

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    • I am saying this in the nicest possible way, but if she showed more effort and commitment than you did, then maybe she felt like you didn't want to be with her, even though had maybe said you did and you wanted to marry her etc. Some girls have to have that tiny bit of reassurance, even if they don't admit it. As sad as it is, people change all the time. And I am sorry she has been unfaithful to you in a big way, and this sounds like it is something you can't possibly move on from or forgive. If she keeps doing this over and over again, then maybe it is time to cut all ties with her as much as that will hurt you. You could give yourself some time to think about yourself and see how you feel later down the line, but for now I think you need to concentrate on you because it sounds like this is eating you up inside, about what she has done. If you are in two different countries, sometimes long distance doesn't work for two people because it is hard to communicate. Take some time for you

    • thank you so much. it was nice talking to you

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  • in my opinion you can give her a last chance! I agree with her, after being for 3 years it's not easy to let go!
    ask how she feels & what she actually wants...
    take care of her! she was with other guy, coz she may be confused or temporary temptation or lust!
    when you do something with her, make sure you both are satisfied with the decision & not turning back. you should also say all how you feel of her doing this!

    • i gave her another chance. and we were together. but she was lying to me all the while and still talking to him. no she claims she messed up and asks for another chance again

    • yeah that what, give once again.
      tell her u can't handle if she does any similar acts again!
      tell her how angry u will be or how it will hurt u or how she will easily loose all her value!

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