I Need help asap! Boy trouble?

I've been talking to a boy for many months. But then we both stopped talking mostly bc he got distant and I believe this is because he started talking to this other girl that rejected him. Then I met his 2 bestfriends there was a lot of drama. And they both have blocked me and I did the same. But then he Texted me a few days later saying how we haven't talking in a while. He also said how he didn't care how his friends felt about me. Then he masturabted on FaceTime. I didn't do anything. He kinda just did it without getting anything from me. In the past he told people about me. Told everyone that we were talking. by the way we go to different school. Then I wrote him a paragraph on how much I do like him and how much I was sorry about the whole. Friend incident. He left me on open but me and my friends just assumed he was playing hard to get. Then I told him straight up you know I like your right and he said kinda. Etc and seemed like he didn't care. But when I brought up another guy it was obvious that he was hjealous asking all these questions like do you like him? Y'all talking? But I was just asking because the boy and me had become friends. I asked my friend to asked about me last night and he told him that we used to talk. And that he got annoyed and gave up hope. But the night before I asked him if he liked me and he said kinda. And I confronted him about that and he said he meant what he said about the kinda part. Then today we had a 83 day streak on Snapchat and there was a timer so I texted him. We are about to lose our streak snap back. He didn't snap back and then I said wow you aren't going to respond? And he BLCOKED ME but I don't understand because it was so obvious that he liked me. im so upset I have a feeling he will unblock me but I just don't understand. Please help. Thank you. Today he told my friend he thought I was crazy. I didn't do anything wrong


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  • You sound like you are having a really tough time right now, and I am really sorry to hear this, you also sound like you are really confused and i do feel for you. If this guy is someone you see on a regular basis and you're able to approach him in person, then please do so. Some guys and some girls seem to have a habit of messing people around and messing with their feelings and it isn't fair at all. He may be feeling a little hurt that you met up with his two best friends, feeling like you wanted to be around them rather than him. What he did was wrong, becoming distant and then going off with another girl but coming back because she rejected him. It sounds like he thinks you will just be there for him when he is ready. He may be acting weird like this because he is scared that this may become more serious than what it is, and he may not be ready for that just yet, and it might scare him that he does actually kind of like you. The jealousy feeling is common for someone who starts to develop feelings for someone else, and he may not like the fact you might be getting attention from someone else. Social media is half the problem with relationships these days, the slightest thing we don't like to see and it upsets us and we get the wrong idea. Speaking to him in person will make you feel so much better and give you a clearer head about it all. You are not crazy, guys honestly say this about girls when they feel like they've maybe been rejected in some way. You just care about him and he is silly if he can't see that.
    Good Luck, I hope things work out for you & Keep Smiling!

    • Thank you I can't exactly talk to him because he goes to a different school. He's our schools rival. I just don't understand. Today my friend said At lunch he wasn't talkative and was on his phone a lot. Could this be about me?

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    • Thank you and I'll tell you what my friend says today

    • She said that he was in the same mood as before. Distant not talkative quiet. I've been distracting myself since I am a performer. I guess I'm kinda over him but not really I haven't talked about him in 2 days. But I know deep down I still like him. I also befriended the girl who posted him on her story. I got confused a while ago and thought they were talking but she's actually talking to his bestfriend ( got that from a close friend) she's really nice and we talked about my two friends that are also her friends. Then we talked about band camp. And we even started a streak. Im pretty sure ember would mention me to My crush because she doesn't know the guy she's talking to and me had a big FIGHT and that he dislikes me and I dislike him so time will tell. But she would probably mention oh this girl blah blah in marching band blah blah. You know? What do you think? Could him not be talkative be the stress of bandcamp and possibly me? Bandcamp is already stressful

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