I should just give up? right?

me this guy became friends about a year ago. We meet at a transportation system, he works for. A few months later like 2-3 he started to nudge me here and there. Like lightly tapping my arm or squeezing my shoulder everytime he will walk by me. We kept talking like customer and worker or how ever you call it and so on. He then one day suggested we should go to the movies together, I agreed but we didn't go do to circumstances he had. He suggested to go the movies again and again we didn't pull through. but lately this month, since I get anxious or depressed quickly. I wasn't feeling well one day since my anxiety was spiking before going our separate ways he offered me a hug. Like two weeks later I broke down for nor reason. He was sitting around me. But when I started to cry I just looked away. I felt him getting closer too me and when he did he called out my name 3 times. I didn't look at him I just ignored him. So later that day, I sent him a message apologizing for maybe making him feel uncomfortable. He replied with "it's ok, I just don't like to see you sad". I just don't know what to do anymore, It's been like this for about 2-3 months and I am confused.
I saw him a day ago, and I had a hair clip on and I was looking down and he took my hair clip off. So my hair went all over the place. Also he keeps calling me "lil kim" which is my name. I send him messages on fb and he replies back and sometimes he doesn't and just reads them. He also asked what my school schedule will be like? And when he sees his boss he lets him know I'm around so he (his boss) can say hi too me. I meet his boss through him. What should I go keep trying or give up? Does he even seem interested in me or not?
and one day I msged him saying "I miss you my little duckling" and he replied with "ditto girly" or when i sent him a message saying "Love you, ha!" he replied with "love u too little duckling".


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  • hi read your post and i want you to know that with all you said he still love you but there might be some things which is not making him connect to you but dont give up. would love you to email me there are some advice and suggestion i will love to share with you which will be very useful for you this is my mail on. mccartkatty @gmail. com mail me please ok


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  • I read through your messages...
    He is dating other girls. Didn't make one his girlfriend yet.
    He likes you like a little sister.
    When a man wants a woman, he will go all out to get her.

    He has your number but don't initate.
    He has other plans (with other women, u r not invited)
    You fall harder and harder... and want more and more.. and made him
    Cookies and want to do other stuff for him, be his wiman..

    U need to cut him off don't check his FB...
    U r becoming more obsess with him. How he looks at you, how he treats u, in person, in social media and his cell usage...
    u need to move on...
    Good luck...

    • No he isn't datin other girls. He makes me know that he isn't. If he has plans with other females while would he even suggested or ask to go to the movies with me? He asked me to try the baking recipe for him and he liked it.

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    • we are talking about buying a house together.
      told me he wants to take me to the next trip and is planing one with his brother next summer.

      i hope you meet a man who would treat you the way you are suppose to.

      i have met men who i m not interested and have played other men... prohaps... they may call me a player... but for me, i was just looking for the right one for me.

    • here is one of my other respond... she will move on... you should as well...

      again... if he really like and wants to be with you. he will make the cookies and give them to you to make you feel good/loved.
      he will call/text you daily...
      i read your other questions... he is 16 years. older than you. you never met any of his friends/fmaily... he may even be living with another woman.
      i test men by telling him to call me around family time (dinner time between 6-8pm) or i call...
      if he never picks up around that time.. he is with a wife lol...
      anyway... he is not into you that way. dont feel offended... he didn't use you, he was just teasing you like a little sister. move on


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  • Sounds to me he might be in love with you but thinks you just think or him as a friend. Just guessing but this sounds just way too familiar to my experiences. Or he might be gay. Can't really offer any advice though, sadly.

    • He used to be married before but now divorced. No, I don't think of him as a friend. I will suggested for us to hangout an such but he will reply with some plans he already has or say if he has seen such movie.

  • It sounds like he has a terminal case of shyness.

    • You're comment made me laugh. Well he has been married before but now divorced.

    • Shyness? He works in public transportation and talks to a lot of people including females. I doubt that he is shy.

    • Confidence in dealing with the public in a work setting does not mean that he has confidence in dealing with the opposite sex in dating situations.

  • It seems like he is just keeping you on a friendly basis, maybe because you work together

    • We don't work together.

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    • Well hopefully he comes around or you may have to approach him

    • And I hope so too. Because I ended up caring for him deeply. I can't even get mad at him. I m an I do get mad irnfeisty when he acts the opposite but I get over it.

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  • Never give up. There's always hope

    • I keep trying and trying. He is driving me crazy and I don't know why he acts the way gen does towards me.

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