My boyfriend ghosted me, why is he telling his family we are good & still together?

My boyfriend & I have been dating 8 months. We've been on such an emotional roller coaster! We laid his mother to rest a few months ago. I kept an open mind about how his mother's death may affect him. So I rolled with the punches, bit my tongue, & had the most patience one could give. He's been using alcohol & marijuana to suppress his feelings. 3 weeks ago I caught him in a lie. We didn't speak for a few days. He was headed to visit family in the east coast the week after. I've tried texting him & calling him and NO response! Heard from a family member (his family adores me) that he is over there telling them we are still together and love eachother very much. Well, for starters, I assumed that because I was ghosted... that was him breaking up with me and secondly, because I am the other part to this equation, it would be nice how in the world this man could treat me like dirt BUT tell his family we're just fine & dandy? Can someone please help me understand? :(


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  • Sounds like he's made up some fantasy world that doesn't exist. He wants to tell his family everything is peachy but doesn't have the balls to sit down and talk to you. It sounds like he's very confused and upset right now but it would be tough to take!

  • He doesn't want to deal with all their questions

    • Yes, that makes sense. Thank you

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