Who ghosts more, men or women?

I've been ghosted a few times and I've only ghosted one girl in my entire life. It was a girl I went on a few dates (we did hook up). However she started acting bitchy when I asked her to hang out later so I told her "suit yourself". Then one night I got a phone call close to 1AM and she told me she was in the hospital. I then discovered she was on suicide watch over a domestic violence issue with her ex boyfriend. Given her present condition I was gentle and supportive, but I was secretly really pissed off because she saw me as the "nice guy" she could fall back on.

After that I ignored all her phone calls and texts. She maybe tried 3-4 times... but I gave up. That was the ONLY time I flat out abandoned a girl without some sort of closure.

However my last girlfriend of 9 MONTHS ghosted right before New Years after a minor argument. She blocked me on facebook, block my number and ignored me when I saw her at the gym (we worked out at the same place). Given that she was only 21 I wasn't that surprised, but I was very disappointed. I've also had several girls ghost me after a couple dates. That's so common I expect it now and if girl gives me a polite reason why she doesn't want to see me anymore, I take it as a rare pleasant surprise.


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  • i think i have ghosted some people just being unaware of it, i just didn't think they were worth the time to talk to anymore so i stopped but never have i blocked anyone's number or social media

  • Men and mine was recent


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