So my ex texted me?

This is weird but... i ended up blocking my ex last year but he texted me during Christmas just wishing happy holidays from his sister's phone (which i blocked too) ... dont get me wrong, he was a nice guy but i broke up with him cause he got a LOT of private info that i never tell anyone and told me "god" told him, which is why we were soul mates (i think he did this cause we were drifting apart and he tried to save the relationship?) anyway, now he's messaging me on kik and asking me who i am and claiming he forgot everything about me and he's all nice again WHICH IS RLLY WEIRD considering when i was with him, his best friend got in an accident and lost his memory, and i was trying to help him cope with that. I don't know this whole thing is so sketchy but i hate being mean... I dont like him like that anymore but i can't just leave someone there if they need help you know? plus he's always very nice, ignoring the fact that he got a hacker to try to save the relationship... what would you do?
Also, i would think he could just scroll up and see the last msgs we had together to remember? Its just so weird, but i feel guilty from doing mean things like ignoring or blocking without having a good reason to. I have no enemies or any one that does rude things to me so id hate to be that person


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  • I think he's lying so you could talk to you

  • Keep blocking him


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