Somebody please convince me not to write him?

There is a guy whom I can't get off my mind but believe me I have tried with him before and have begun initiating before... now he ended it even though he likes me a lot and wants to talk to me he prefers not to have me in his life because he said I am a serious material and he fears for his career right now. I don't want to mess up or make him do what he doesn't want. I just want to talk to him... somebody please convince me not to!


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  • Uh ok if you start talking to him HE WILL HATE YOU FOREVER FOR FUCKING UP HIS SHIT. Then your chances with him go from 10% --> 0%
    Also If you try talking to him I will track you down.
    There now I bet you don't feel like talking to him.


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  • Nobody can really tell you what to do and what not to do. But wanting to message someone you like and miss is really hard, I am in exactly the same boat and believe me it is difficult but it does get easier. Take each day as it comes and when you feel like you want to talk to him, do something to distract yourself. Whether that be watching your favourite film/tv series. Going out with friends is always a good way to distract yourself, and I always find that speaking to someone about it helps a lot. The one thing I will suggest is to write him a letter or an email, saying everything that you want to say to him, tell him how you're feeling and how you're getting on with things, but DON'T send it. It may sound silly but you will feel better in yourself for writing out how you feel and then not getting any kind of feedback because you haven't sent it!
    Good Luck & Keep Smiling

    • Thank you very much for putting the effort in helping me, very good advices. Thanks.

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  • im with @keepsmiling333 here. write an email and dont send it. you'll feel better. try to make yourself busy. he made it clear he does not want a commitment with you. make him realise your worth by staying away and making urself busy. if ita worth he will get serious. and it will uelp you move on as well.

  • save yourself the time and heartache and walk away. find a guy who wants to be with you.

  • do iiiiiit

    • Hahah. I won't do it but thanks, you nailed it!

    • im a bad influence i know.

    • But many people need "bad influences" to actually live life

  • ok then don't do it you might get emotionally hurt


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