He left me for no reason?

I had this whirlwind relationship where he asked me to be with him so quickly, I was shocked as I had only known him a few weeks but I agreed. We made each other laugh and smile, there was no awkward moments, we seemed to bring each other true happiness. On our first date his mom called him for something and before he hung up he said, "mom... I've honestly had the best time with *names me* today has been amazing" we always held hands, he text me good morning every day, we seemed so happy. He ALWAYS spoke of our future.

We started arguing a little last week and I asked him if I had done something wrong because it started from him acting odd. He told me he's depressed, he hates his job and works 10 hours a day, he had to move an hour away from home and he can't see his friends, he feels like he's living to work, come home and repeat. He has night terrors and his family don't want him. That I'm the only thing bringing him happiness and he's messing that up and he's so sorry.

So we met up and had a nice weekend away, we were all over each other and he seemed so happy and talking about our future together all the time. His mom had invited me over to meet them all, he was excited. Whenever guys would check me out he would get angry at them. He seemed really happy, he told me he had fun and when we were saying goodbye we both said I'll miss you. Then two days later he broke up with me saying he's not ready and he thought he was, but he's not. And he wants to keep me in his life but I deserve better. Out of nowhere. I don't understand we were happy, what happened? Will he come back?
He left me for no reason?
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