How many of you realised you loved your SO after you broke up with them?

Have you ever been with someone who you broke up with for whatever reason, but realised after the fact that you're in love with them? Did you try to get back with them, and what was the result?


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  • This happens more often than you might think. It sometimes takes a person to break up with someone to realise how much they actually want to be with them and how much that person really means to them. This has happened to me before and you instantly think 'how can I get them back, when I broke up with them?' The truth is, when you know, you know and if you know you want to be with this person, then it must be worth fighting for. Sit down, speak to them, tell them you made a mistake and that you really do want to make it work. They will respect you so much more for it if you own up to being in the wrong and then hopefully you two can work on things and get back on track. Some stories I read are amazing and couples make up and break up every day, today could be your day to mend things. Never give up hope.
    Hope things work out for you, Good Luck & Keep Smiling!

    • I'm just trying to get success stories... My boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me and I'm trying the whole no contact thing.

    • I really wish I had a first hand success story to share with you about something I have been through but sadly, I am undergoing this process myself, trying the no contact and see if it works. The truth is though, if you want something bad enough, you sometimes have to go and get it for yourself, you never know what the outcome might be if you don't try. Reach out to your ex and see what the atmosphere is like. I know plenty of couples who have broken up and then gotten back together, it happens everyday!

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What Guys Said 2

  • That is the worst thing which could happen to someone. one unlucky guy here.

    • but, I am not the one who ended it.

  • I didn't, but my ex did.
    Too bad she sucked off her entire gallery of exes and bragged about it to her friends, otherwise I might have thought that she was legit.


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  • My boyfriend is with me now.
    His ex is now trying to get him back.

    He wanted her for many years, she played him...

    Does she truly want him back now?

    Do you truly love him or you are lonely?


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