Military wife struggling with staying married. Any advice?

My husband and I have been together for 4 years (married for 2) and are both 22 with a toddler. In February he joined the Marines. We can't live together while he's in school and everything (it's been 6 months so far with 6 more to go). Obviously it's challenging and I doubt it will stay this hard when we can live together again. But the problem is he keeps essentially forgetting about me. He doesn't call until he's too tired to talk for more than about 20 minutes (he gets out of class at noon). He even went as far as saying it's not convenient for him to have to hold the phone to talk to me while he's playing video games. I know it's just a hard situation, but I have friends telling me it's no excuse... I miss having attention from my husband but at this point I just want attention. Anyone have any advice?
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I'm asking because I want to stay married to him, I've just been really unhappy. I will not cheat on him. I would get a divorce before I would cheat.
Military wife struggling with staying married. Any advice?
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