Should I break up?

So I've been dating this girl for almost 4 months now, however, after the first two months things have been off. By discussing my relationship insecurities and citing how I put way more into the relationship things haven't felt the same. She told me yesterday that she said "I love you" too soon and that she still feels the same way but she is going to wait. She doesn't text anymore and she doesn't snap anymore and hanging out has been difficult. I don't see myself as supportive anymore but rather than that I feel powerless and clingy. She is very cold and she doesn't realize it, she says she thought everything was fine before I mentioned my insecurity but I think that's because I give so much and she gives so little. I want this relationship to work out but once she said she doesn't want to say those three words anymore it made me think that all those times she did say them were fake and if she says it again it'll be fake. I don't know what to do. What's the point of a relationship if I'm clearly going to be more affectionate than her?
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  • Talk to her exactly how you feel, see her response. Maybe she's not trying to be clingy?


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  • Give her some space and talk it out later, but don't expect things to work out. Expect the worst.


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  • break up


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  • The penny dropped eventually


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