I told her "are you single?" and she told me"please don't talk about this no more", why would she do this to me?

i know her from 4-5 months, we are in the same college, worked on same projects, took a lot of courses together and still...
i've been crushing on her since then, she was so friendly with me, i thought she likes me.
i was so scared of telling her my feelings, but i told myself i have to do it today (last day in the course).

so that's what happened
me: may i ask you a personal question?
she: yes, of course, what is it?
me: are you single? or you have a boyfriend?
after a while of being surprised she told me: why do you want to know? why would you ask me this?
me: because i like you...
she: don't talk about this again, please!
me: why? what's wrong with it?
she: just don't ask me again, bye...
me: bye...

so what do you think? was she very rude to me? disrespected my feeling?
i'm hurt and i don't know what to think


Most Helpful Girl

  • She probably felt creeped out and didn't wish to continue chatting after you made it clear in a not so elegant way that you wanted more than friendship for her.
    I don't understand why you were hurt by her politely asking you to stop talking to her. There's nothing hurtful in that?

    • why wasn't it an elegant way?
      i felt hurt because she didn't explain.
      i don't know

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    • she might not talk to you or will probably be civil at best. Will say 'hi' and acknowledge you but not much more.

    • hmm ok
      thank you very much for your help, i feel better now 😁

Most Helpful Guy

  • She's affraid to lose you. She probably experiment the same thing times ago and it leads her to lose a friendship. She doesn't want to be closer to you, but she clearly wants you to stay friends. She did his best and decided to end the conversation :/

    • the most helpful opinion, thanks man :D
      i think you're right

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  • She obviously only saw you as a friend. Kindness doesn't = romantic interest. You clearly made her feel super awkward. Just back off from here on out.

    • i felt so awkward and found it hard to talk... but she just destroyed me

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    • yeah i know it's not out bad intent, so what do you think will she do when we meet at college again? she will block my fb account? 😂😅

    • Likely avoid you or act like nothing ever happened.

What Guys Said 7

  • She wasn't interested, plain and simple. Now all that's left is to just move on, dude. Good luck.

  • I could be wrong but I think that she said to forget about it because she sees you as a friend and doesn't want to ruin the good friendship that you two have built

  • She was rude and she's definitely not into you so you should move on

  • She doesn't like you in a romantic way

  • She rejected you.

  • she friendzoned you...

  • Only saw you as friend, man. I've been there, so I feel for you. Move on to other girls, you'll find one who will love you.


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