I still love this guy but I can't/I'm afraid to reach out to him, what should I do?

I dated this guy for a while, we were never official. I still deeply love and care about him and I miss him badly. I can't reach out to him or more so, I'm afraid to because I feel like it will just stir up all this mess again and I actually think he hates me now. It's been over a half year now (and 2 months since we last talked) but I just can't forget him even though i've been working on myself and been really busy. I thought I was finally over him but got hit by the feels last night again... is there anything I can do?


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  • This is happening to me right now with my ex. I would be blunt with him and ask if he would like to try these out again. If he doesn't say yes then don't waste your time.

    • I feel like I should give it a little more time and start working out a lot so he'll be able to really see the difference about me and I need a little more time to get used to my new job... Of course there's the risk that he'll find a girlfriend in the meantime :/ But it was a fairly messy breakup so maybe the additional time will help him forget some of the negatives..

    • Well he's always going to remember the you in the past. Like my ex girlfriend that I just broke up with 2 weeks ago is still wanting to work things out. She is telling me all these changes she has made. That's good and all but I don't know that girl. I knew the one before that. And feelings have already been made between those 2 of you get what I mean. I would learn from it and take it to the next relationship. That's what I'm trying to tell her.

    • I get what you mean but that's difficult to do if you really love someone... giving up is the hardest part. It's not about being scared that you don't find another person to love ever again but you just love that one so no other person will do. I believe that's how she may feel about you aswell. But the complicated part is where you end up doing everything to attract someone into your life again and that just pushes them away even more. I know that I'm in the right place of my life now, I just have to get him talking again. I know it won't be the same again but I feel like you can build a better relationship out of it.

  • Do you honestly think there's a chance of getting together again and saying together?

    • I changed a lot since then... the reason why I was such a mess when we 'broke up' was because of personal issues. My best friend started taking drugs and I had a fall out with my parents :/ I fixed that now though. I thought of giving it another few months of no contact and maybe trying to shoot him a casual message to test the waters afterwards but I'm really scared that he might just roll his eyes and think 'Not her again' if I reach out...

    • I'd try again and if it still is no go after a few tries it might be time to move on and put that love into someone else

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  • You'll never know unless you reach out for some kind of conversation, worth a shot!


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