Girlfriend cheated on me?

i got into a relationship with my best friend of 5 years. we had a lot of fun together and from what I knew we were really in love with each other. but last weekend I found that she was seeing another guy and we had a fight and broke up. she still wants to be friends and it's awkward as we both go to the same college. I don't know what to do


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  • First off, I'm really sorry that happened to you! :( The same thing happened to my best friend and I and it really can be awkward... what I would do for now is distance yourself. Give yourself time to feel for what happened. If after a while you feel better and willing to be her friend after all of this, then by all means: go for it. However if you still feel a little hurt, there's no reason to force yourself to be friends with her if it's simply going to be awkward and tense.

    • yeah.. :/ she was my best friend so losing her not as a girlfriend but as a friend is what I'm worrying about

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