What's type got to do with it?

While discussing the end of our relationship my partner brought up something that I'd like opinions on.

We've been together a year and it has been filled with non-stop compliments of my appearance (to include, hot, sexy, beautiful, out of his league, perfect).

Yet today I was informed if we hadn't met in the manner we had, he didn't think we'd be each other's type. When pressed he elaborated to say he can be shallow and pretentious. Of course I took it negatively (but calmly). We are in different types of circles, levels of responsibility, professionalism etc. so I could see that atypical "typing" but he indicated it was physical.

So here's the thing, I'm by no means unattractive privately or publicly (and not just told so by my mother, but regularly men and women who are complete strangers).

So what's the butt hurt there? Especially given it's he who is doing the ending.


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  • I wouldn't take it to heart so much. I think it just came across wrong.
    He obviously loves toy and thinks you're super attractive to him..

    I kinda felt this way about my last boyfriend... I don't think I would have called him my type if we'd not met in the way we did but I can assure you, I loved that guy to death and thought he was super handsome. I think it's very difficult to explain without it sounding bad.


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