This guy I liked blocked me and started speaking to me my colleague behind my back& been checking up on me but am sad and don't know how to move on?

He basically spoke to me for the last few weeks then after we got close he started ignoring me then I find out he got my colleagues number from our manager then he ignored me during the period of speaking to her and then I find out from her they've gotten really close with each other and he flew out and even told her but yet his been checking up on my statuses everyday and I've caught him and screenshoted it and then I put a bitchy status up and after that tonight I see his about on WhatsApp on his phone disappeared so it means he blocked me and I haven't messaged him since confronting him on how his a sly prick and he knew I liked him a lot but I know the only way is to move forward but the fact is my heart has been broken and I don't really go for guys and I thought his special but he turned out to be like the rest now am real hurt the pain isn't going out my mind. How his speaking to this girl everyday and how he screwed me over so petty me obviously put up photos and videos of me living life to make him feel like his missing out on all the fun I've had in my life but in reality I've come to a point where am actually depressed in life and confused I always get left by those I feel like I have a connection with his like my ex of two years first they are interested then they take me for granted and then am the bad one lol. And I spoke to her and she said they are close friends but really I think he has a interest in her not in me and to be honest I really liked him but now his like my ex lol and thats the worst part lol he didn't even have the Audacity to be honest to me that his not interested in me instead he blanked me then told me his speaking to her and now I feel betrayed because I've experienced it so many times and my heart is super sensitive where I have been taken for granted...
I confronted him about what he did then he has been stalking me till today and now I think his blocked me after this status I put up because I can't see his about anymore but status was blatantly aimed at him because it hurt me honestly knowing the guy I liked disregarded me and now my colleague is saying their close


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  • Confront him and tell him to stop it


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