Would a man marry a woman if he still wants the baby mamma if she's making herself available?

Is it likely or less than likely for a man to marry a woman who he says is the best thing that ever happened to him to still want/desire the ex/baby mamma if she's making known she still want/cares for him?😕


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  • that would be a lie for sure don't you think?

    • I think so. I trust him, he has given me no reason not to😕It's her always interjecting herself with the kids feelings. By the way out of two kids he found out only one his. She the type keep his son if she thinks she not getting her way😬just tired of the games.

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    • i understand that really and you should feel free to make your choice

    • fuck cheaters omg i have headache 😧

  • I wouldn't wanna be part of that train wreck


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