He is in hurry to pang or what?

I met that hot guy online dating he so clingy he text me every second I sometimes don't reply he asked me to come his home sometimes I was like sure.. then he felt I'm cold he told me don't be naive thought im a man.. I don't know what shall I reply.. I want to take it slow or maybe friendship I'm not sure if I want him or not..


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  • If you're not a hot girl, maybe he's not interested?

  • he just wants sex

    • Hahahah it's very obvious I know even me I just want that maybe but still wanna take it slow.. no stress

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    • You know if I tell him I just want sex too what he will do I think he will do camping on the door of my home he didn't have sex from one year 😂😂😂

    • fuck!!! hahahahahahah damn!!! that guy needs some action and I guess maybe he would appreciate the sexual relationship with you a lot if he's not had some action for the past one year

  • talk to him about it...


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