Ex fiance initiating contact?

So after 5-1/2 years of dating and 1 year being engaged my fiancé broke things off, we were fine and toward the end of the day I can sense something was wrong, so I asked what wrong? She didn't want to get married or be together anymore. So NC went into place, 16 days later she initiated contact we both said how we miss each other and miss talking and both felt we lost a best friend. So for the past 6 days now she has contacted me (casual talking) I only text if she does. Everything been fine and the other day she even mention if she didn't have to work she was gonna ask me to go get dinner. So she initiated a hangout type deal. Now the last 2 days it would take her hours to reply. Iv been trying to stay friendly and not push her away because I want us to work out what we had. So am I missing something? Is she playing "chase me" or? Need opinions and if I should text her back when she texts me!


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  • She might just want to be friends but it depends.

    • Yeah I'm sure, I feel that will be very difficult after being together that long. Kinda wonder if she's just seeing if I'm sticking around or if she may want to try again.

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  • Instead of using a diving rod to witch for water, why not just say to her, "Let's get together and talk about what is going on?" If you can't do that after 6½ years of being together, this relationship may not be worth saving.

    • Right, I think that's why she kinda imitated the "drinks/dinner" thing but I feel if I bring it up I will look desperate which I'm not. But confused on the txting last 2 days as she goes hours of no response. And before that we text non stop

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    • Yes we both smiled once we seen each other and started out with a hug. It was a very good night. It was like nothing ever happened. We walked a bit she grabbed my arm and hand so she wouldn't trip. The little things like that are still in play. I do really feel we will work things out and hopefully be one again. I have strong feelings on that. But for now. One step at a time, leave the past in the past and not bring stuff up that caused us pain. I do see future hangouts so it's a good good start

    • Hearing stories like this is what keeps me on G@G!

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