Whose at fault and can there ever be a future?

Long story kind of still long.. My girlfriend (younger in her 20's) dumped me.. this is what happened. Essentialy while in a argument we're both yelling at each other and A cuss word was used by me directed at her. She suddenly attacked me to the point where blood was drawn and a chunk of skin and I'll have scars now. I sent her home and we made up the next day.. however I was still mad because she showed no remorse for clawing at me... we then got into another fight and I really screamed at her and cussed at her because I knew she didn't feel sorry for attacking me. we kind of made up after that but I had to do all the apologizing.. she said what I said hurt her and scared her because of how much I yelled.. I also left so that we could both calm down to diffuse the situation and then came back (a couple of hours later)... we kind of made up but she said it will take her time to forgive me but she still loves me and wants to stay with me... 2 days later she left me.. and her friends and family saying I emotionally abused her by yelling at her... I'm at a loss here because I did everything for her and I'm trying now to move on and I'm not contacting her but I need to know was I wrong to react that way or should I have left her after she attacked me? But I love her so I was willing to over look that.. Is yelling emotionally abusing some one now? Was I stupid for just trying to over look that? Is there a chance to heal and come back? I know we could do it I feel. Thoughts?


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  • Dude she physically attacked you. That's domestic assault, she can go to jail for it. You don't go to jail for yelling at people (excluding disturbing the peace)

    • It just sucks man, I love this girl. As wrong as that sounds I'm also still pissed that she's making me out to be the bad guy and that's not me.. it was both parties.

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