Called Her a B****?

I called my currently ex girlfriend a b**** in a heated argument. She said some personal stuff as well and I felt she was intentionally trying to hurt me during the argument. I just snapped called her it and immediately regretted it. Now she is saying I just out of nowhere called her this when she was just trying to talk about her feelings. I know I hurt her and I felt so bad and sincerely apologized. she said she was cutting me off and burning my bridge. We were doing so good before this i thought. She was even in the process of pretty much moving in with me. Now im living in my apt by myself with all this stuff she got while being ghosted. She won't respond to calls or texts and has blocked me on everything. I have decided to just let it be and not attempt to reach out anymore. But I don't know if this is it. Will she take me back? What should I do?


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  • how long were you guys together? is this your first break up? if she is doing everything in her power to block you out, then maybe give up for now... give the girl some space. you called her the B word. lol she still fuming about it and it is replaying over and over again in her mind. after a month or two, if she still hasn't reached out to you or lifted the block, it is safe to say, try one last time to reach out and apologize. then just give it up if she doesn't take it.

    • 6 months. I know doesn't sound like that long. But, I've been in a couple LONG (years) relationships before this and those break ups caused me no where near the pain of this one. And no we did "break up" one other time. We actually talked throughout though and decided to give it another go. Thought it made us stronger. I really thought it made me appreciate her more. Then boom one argument and I really lost her forever I think. I will do exactly what you suggested. I am still hurt deeply, but I'm over the worst of it and able to function now. Thanks!

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  • You're done

  • I wouldn't take you back. I would be so done with your ass


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  • Fuck her, she was intentionally trying to hurt you. She needs to deal with life's consequences. She can't expect you to be ok with being hurt. She sounds like a hypocrite.

    • You don't know the whole story though
      Maybe this guy is just easily offended

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    • @FashionKiller Doesn't excuse her behavior.

    • Doesn't excuse calling her a bitch either

  • You called her B star star star star


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