Just curious and want opinions guys/girls why is ex doing this?

He keeps sending me either a youtube video or a link to download an app regarding some stock market. We use to text about it I use to tell him I wanted to know more about it well it's been like once a week randomly sents me stuff why? He broke up with me


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  • Sounds maybe like he's getting hot and cold with you, same with my ex, we talked, then stopped and so on. Went NC for almost 16 days and initiated contact again,

    Use NC make him see what he has let go. make him miss you. Yes it's hard but it works a lot of the time

    • I haven't replied or anything I even unfriended him from fb. It's just annoying like stop sending me stuff like erase my number

  • Because you're dumb enough to allow it. Never have anything to do with an ex. I can't believe you haven't blocked him


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