Is it strange that my ex still talks to me? Can exes be friends?

We still text each other about how we are, after being split up for over a year. He says e still thinks about me sometimes. We don't meet up though and I haven't seen him since November.

He'll text me every month or two. Recently we've been talking a bit more. He jokes about me having a boyfriend to see if I do.


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  • I hope so cos I'm living with my ex next year! I think as long as you both move forwards as well. there isn't any reason it can't work:)

  • exes can be friends. I've been conversing with my ex for 6/7 months. Its normal !

    • And you both have no feelings for each other left? I think that's the only way it can work really.

    • I have feelings for her, and she has for me. But our relationship isn't possible, and we mutually & maturely accept it. We also just stated not to talk or ask about each others sexual activities. It works for us, but it might not work for you.

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