Why did he break up with me?

I was dating this guy for three weeks and he just broke up with me yesterday by setting his facebook relationship status to not listed. I wrote him a message saying honestly how I felt and I no longer want to talk to him. I just wish I knew why he broke up with me? Should I ask him? cause a couple days ago the last time he called me he said that he loved us being together and that he definitely didn't want to break up. I feel as if I did something wrong. Which I didn't. our first date was two weeks ago and we were talking everyday but we both was to busy to see each other and he lived a half a mile away. My heart is hurting cause I miss him and I still believe what he said on his last voice message. Am I stupid? The reason why he didn't see me was because he didn't have his license. just the other day he said that we were going to get together this week. I don't know what to think! I wish that I knew how he felt about me or if he misses me. But I wouldn't find that out in a week!

If he didn't break up with me then why is ignoring me? Yes, I can be needy but I don't mean too! I think that I was the one who needed separation. But now I miss him and I know he might not give me a second chance. How can we be friends?


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  • First and foremost, you two are just dating. there is a system in place to keep feelings and emotions in check. there is dating, then there is exclusive, then there is being in a relationship. The two of you have been together for only three weeks which really isn't that long in the first place. At least not long enough to have true feelings.

    Now Just by removing a relationship status, is not a break up. If he in no way physically ended things, he didn't break up with you. No offense, but you seem to be a very needy person, which can be a definite turn off. I'm telling you that as a heads up for future references.

    I've always believed, as have most others, that social networking sites doom relationships.

    • Bull sh*t, all those categories you just said are complete crap. your either with some one or your not. what you just said is what guys use to cheat on their gfs for example a guy gets found cheating and his response would be " well, I didn't think we were exclusive" ..bs. AND Its possible to really like some one in just 3 weeks, if you have a strong chemistry between the two of you - there's no set date or rule for that.

    • Maybe not where you're from, but I know where I'm at that just because I take someone out on dates and hang out with them, does not mean I'm their boyfriend.I make it known to whomever I'm with, that it's not exclusive. I'm not saying that I am or am not seeing other people.

      It's called infatuation. There may be some feelings, but in all honesty, it's just intense feelings at the moment. They aren't really that serious.

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  • Unless he told you that the relationship was over don't assume it is because of a facebook relationship status. A person could change their status to "married" but that doesn't mean its true.


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  • wait - did he actually saaaay that he was breaking up with you, or did you get all this from a change on his facebook? =/

    • Facebook change to single! Why?

    • So what? some people change it cause they don't want people knowing their business on facebook =P .. best thin is to ask him before worrying.

    • I feel stupid because I jumped to conclusions. I'm going to ask him but its probably over now because I worryed so much that I got mad.

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