Does she like me enough? or did I screw up bad?

Hi, I had a crush in university and she has told me that she had no boyfriend before I started liking her as a girl. She told me she has no boyfriend 3-4 times and gave some signs that she liked me. However, I started to act weird because I was too nervous when talking to her. I started to be colder when actually I liked her a lot. Also, one of her best friends was always against me and dislikes me a lot. She even said my name was weird and gave me bad looks all the time and doesn't even say hi... Then i got really mad and shouted at her friend but, my crush maybe didn't know how she treated me. She gets frustrated more and more and became extremely cold to me. When I gave her a birthday present with a card hinting that I liked her, she called me weird and naive?

I feel like it is my fault for acting weird and cold... I don't know if she really liked me or not... she tells me she has no boyfriend often and when i see a guy with her she tells me that its just a friend and she doesn't have a boyfriend. Did I make her turned off? I started to go crazy as she was the only girl I saw =( I was so heartbroken, I texted her never talk to me ever again after she said I was naive and weird... I guess its my fault for not communicating? I don't know...


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