Ex boyfriend of three weeks , calls to see what I been up to, Why? He broke up with me ?


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  • Hmmmm it's either.
    1. He misses you and regrets letting you go and it either took that long to sink in or his pride wouldn't let him do it any earlier.
    2. He may be making sure you haven't moved on and is still an option for later on.
    3. He dated a girl and his ego go crushed and he needs a pick me up.
    4. he was bored.
    All that being sad.. considering it was only 3 weeks u dated.. i don't think it is #1.

    • Sorry he been my ex for three weeks we're together 1 and half years.

    • He did not say he missed me. He knows I miss him and want to get back together. I talked but did not say I missed him or anything about getting back together.

    • Well if you were together that long then he obviously cares about you. Guys are weird tho.. he could be missing you like crazy but won't say it first lol.

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