How do you get over an ex quickly?

It's pretty self explanatory. This guy that I'm still really into, honestly, broke up with me a while back, maybe two or three months ago, and I'm still not really over it. At the very least, I miss talking to him and listening to him ramble.. I don't really know what to do?
we're talking again
and its! good! we're friends, and I'm happy about that.


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  • keep busy. i just got dumped from a 5yr relationship and it still hurts 6 months later. but now there's time to do what you want for yourself. travel, take classes, pick up a few hobbies/activities you enjoy, get that young little ass back out there just live life. it is definitely more than one other person.

  • Get under some one else

    • I really.. dont... think thats a good idea..

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    • It might cure that

    • iiii dont wanna have sex

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  • Sucky answer - time.
    I'm going through a horrible devasting break up myself.. I cried and cried.. but then I took a deep breath.. and I wrote his name on a paper.. i wrote his negatives & his positives.. then I wrote down what I want in a man.. and honestly, he didn't have a LOT of those qualities.. after that I realised I also have to look at myself and even though I feel I didn't cause the breakup.. i learned I should have been more cautious.. i should have left at the first red flag.. then I started working out and getting myself in shape.. because I want to be healthy but I also never want an ex to look at me and be happy he didn't stay.. shhhhhit.. you gonna miss this ass🤣🤣.. I started hanging out with friends.. i took some college classes and even did a painting class.. and even though it still hurts.. I try and avoid our songs etc. And i blocked him from all my social media.. i don't need to make myself go crazy with sadness and neither should you.

    • Hey, I really appreciate you telling me this. I'm so sorry you went through that, but I'm really proud of how you turned it around. You're strong for that. I'll try doing that same, though I'm not sure how well this'll come out? But.. yeah, thank you so much for this.

    • One day at a time ;) &you're welcome!

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