I called her a heartless monster and I feel like it's true, but how should I stop feeling guilty even though I know I'm not wrong?

So she dumped me months ago and three months later I wrote an apology which she acknowledged and also said sorry for ending this way. that was supposed to be the end of it. Yesterday I lost my shit because I know she was the one at fault so I vented all. my anger and called her a heartless monster because of the way she had cut me off and became cold. It left me torn. I know it's been 6 months but I have made some. progress but yesterday seemed to just unwind it.
Now I know she'd have moved on and she didn't give a shit because she ignored a hi I sent a week ago, why did feel so offended about my hate for her? Why did she even give a regard to what I said?
Her best friend told. me she feels hurt and insulated, why? And how?
And also, she may not think highly of me, but I don't give a fuck anymore, I just feel bad for hurting people in general but I don't wanna apologize. Thoughts?


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  • it takes two to tango. just because someone breaks off a relationship doesn't mean they heartless. doesn't neccessarily give you the right to trash her either. but I came out of fairly similar situation and I was in your shoes. Difference being, I was a dick in the relationship and subsequently became one afterwards. I dont monogamy really exists. Maybe for a season or a reason, but in my experience unless youve sorted out your mental demons, you won't find a healthy relationship. look up "attachment styles"

    • I was left torn so I had to vent out. My problem is why does she give a fuck? And yes the way she treated was genuinely heartless.

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    • And I would feel hurt unless I am over that person and I know they don't matter to me anymore

    • And those are the emotions you need to deal with. I wish you all the best my friend.

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  • I wouldn't feel guilty. Actually relieved. If she treated you with some level of reservation or isolation, then maybe your feelings are justified and she really is a heartless monster. That's definitely possible. If you feel guilty it's because of your own personality doing so. Just move on and give it time and you won't feel guilty anymore. Like I said, if she really was this way to you, in your opinion, you shouldn't feel guilty. Unless maybe she wasn't so bad, and you just overreacted. Maybe that's why you could also feel guilty

    • I gave this girl a lot and she didn't. Even though I did without expecting anything in return I at least wanted a proper goodbye. No shit man I feel like shit and I am. emotional so it still affects me sometimes

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