Reoccurring Ex-girlfriend?

I dated my ex-girlfriend in highschool, and broke up before the start of college. after the break up I realised that she wasn't the person I see myself dating and even marrying. I blocked her on many social accounts. she tried many times to request to follow me and denied many. Finally I let her follow me with restrictions. (like can't see my private information or anything similar) however she keeps communicating. I. t's starting to get annoying... we broke up two years ago!
What does this mean and how can I put her down lightly? Are there still feeling? (my feelings for her are passed and gone)
P. S. My mother feels sorry for her...


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  • Well it doesn't matter what your mom thinks at this point. I would say she still has feelings for you and may be wanting to know if you do as well. She could also have moved on and wants to be friends.. it all depends on what she is saying to you and how &why the two of you broke up in the first place. All that being said... if you truly want nothing to do with her.. then block her again and don't add her next time. Orrrrr... you just tell her that the two of you have nothing left to say to one another and to please stop trying to contact you.


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