How to get over a break up?

I'm so sorry to ask. but I never felt like this before.
this is the first time ever.
(first Girl i loved so much and she trusted me more than anyone she knew. I didn't broke her trust. )
She said that she just want to leave.
i can't stop thinking about her everyday.
i cry everyday.
i don't like it but I'm crying right now while typing.
i love her.
she told me she can't be with me cause I have nothing to be loved.

I dunno how to get rid of this feeling.
i tried to read jokes.
i tried to go out on walks.
i tried to read books.
i tried to watch movies.
but suddenly in middle of that all I'm crying.
i don't like myself as this weak.
she left me in one point of my life where I needed her the most.
i just had a fight at home.
my dad was beating my mom after smoking marijuana and drinking.
he was beating her like he wants to kill her.
so I went in between them and I choked him till someone else came from neighborhood to save my mom.
she knew this all.
i didn't killed my father. nor was my intention to kill him.
I took my mom and left home.
i live in hostel studying last year of my degree.
and my mom is at my uncle's place.
my mom knew the Girl
she told me to marry her
i wanted that too.
now suddenly she left me saying I have nothing in this world to be loved.
i dunno what to do.
i fee like i should dd. ii. ee. i don't want to but I feel like that.
please help me.
How to get over a break up?
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