How to get over a break up?

I'm so sorry to ask. but I never felt like this before.
this is the first time ever.
(first Girl i loved so much and she trusted me more than anyone she knew. I didn't broke her trust. )
She said that she just want to leave.
i can't stop thinking about her everyday.
i cry everyday.
i don't like it but I'm crying right now while typing.
i love her.
she told me she can't be with me cause I have nothing to be loved.

I dunno how to get rid of this feeling.
i tried to read jokes.
i tried to go out on walks.
i tried to read books.
i tried to watch movies.
but suddenly in middle of that all I'm crying.
i don't like myself as this weak.
she left me in one point of my life where I needed her the most.
i just had a fight at home.
my dad was beating my mom after smoking marijuana and drinking.
he was beating her like he wants to kill her.
so I went in between them and I choked him till someone else came from neighborhood to save my mom.
she knew this all.
i didn't killed my father. nor was my intention to kill him.
I took my mom and left home.
i live in hostel studying last year of my degree.
and my mom is at my uncle's place.
my mom knew the Girl
she told me to marry her
i wanted that too.
now suddenly she left me saying I have nothing in this world to be loved.
i dunno what to do.
i fee like i should dd. ii. ee. i don't want to but I feel like that.
please help me.


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  • I feel you man, it'll get easier, not right now, maybe not even this year, but it will, focus on you, get fit, do a sport, get a hobby, hang out with friends, anything that will stop you from thinking about her, I know you don't feel like doing things and all you wanna do is ball into featus position and cry until you die, but you can't, you gotta go on, you do you, and one day you'll start feeling something for someone else, you'll still be scarred and thatll never change, but you'll come out stronger, and you'll know never to love a b*tch more than 90%, just so you got your 10% to go on when she turns out a cunt

    • How much time it took you to get over yours?
      Do it help to go on other girls suddenly.
      or it will hurt more by watching her in others?

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    • oh and it can help you get over it if you meet new girls, but I wouldn't immediately dive into a new relationship

    • I'm not social person too.

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  • You're just young and dramatic. Early relationships and breakups are always tough, but you'll get over it. One day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you don't care anymore. You'll remember that you were upset and that you were sad, but you won't exactly remember how you felt. This will take three months max and if it takes longer than that, it means that you're doing things on purpose to keep you in agony.

    • thanks but I wanna get rid of all thoughts rn.
      i don't want to think about her anymore.
      it feels me like i should die.

    • and I don't want a break up to be reason of my death. cause I have fought many others bigger than that.
      i wanna get rid of that all.
      tell me how you get rid of that thoughts.

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