How to forget someone when we see them almost everyday?

I love him (he doesn't know that), and he wants to marry some other woman (soon I guess). The problem is, I dont know how to forget him, to move on, when I see him almost everyday. That is because we work at the same place. I tried to quit few times, but we managed to sort things out. Basically, I gave so many other reasons to quit, just to cover up my real reason, that is 'him'. I can't be honest to him because HE IS MY EMPLOYER. He wants me to stay working here, because he trusts me. His family also trusts me, and that makes it harder for me to leave. In fact, his mother knew this but she can't force his son to like me.

But, how am I supposed to forget and move on when I need to see him most of the time? Can I gain both, my job and forget him at the same time? It hurts me every time, thinking about them and to be honest, I hate her. Well, that is not a surprise I think. She is gorgeous, blonde, tall, with long legs, (a model) and I am nothing like her (I hate models because of her).

At the moment, I refuse to talk about my personal life with him, and I also decided to never ask about his personal life anymore. It is like, everything is completely business between us, unlike him and the rest of my officemates. I do this because I'm afraid that someday, he will tell me about his future plan with his girlfriend. I can't imagine if he got married and I'm stuck here, trying to move on. Even now, I find myself easily affected when I feel sad or bad whenever I think about it.


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  • It's impossible. Best what I suggest is to involve in activities which you like the most that will make your mind forget about those people at the moment.

    • i am trying... but it only helps me for a very short period... he is still my first thought in the morning, and my last when night falls...

      the only way i think is, to quit my job.. but I can't let his 68 years old mother comes to office and do my job.. they can hire someone else but they dont want to.. i wanna work here as much as they want me to stay..

      i'm screwed am i? hahahaha...

    • Oh boy. I though you have the option to leave them. You are screwed pretty much. Trying to find some new job or something.

  • You can. Good Luck and avoid him


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