Girls, How could she not care when my mom got Cancer?

I date this girl for four years. Whenever she goes through something I am there. When her dad is drunk and she's scared for him, she calls me. When she is anxious over taking the SAT, she calls me. I even got her into our uni by talking to admissions (got her off the waitlist the next week). When her brother said stuff that hurt her feelings, I was there. When she got bullied in highschool, and felt hurt, I was there. I was there for her time and time again. Then in one semester, my mom gets cancer, my dad loses his job, and several family members die. When all that happens, She just leaves me for a 35 year old bald ugly and frankly stupid security guard, and doesn't even care about my mom having cancer. Literally the only time we spoke since the breakup, her one question wasn't even, "is your mom ok?" it was "did you fuck Catherine?" How could she not even have the decency to reach out about my mom?


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  • Sounds like she used you in her time of need. She had you in the firendzone and actually it sounds worse than that because even friends care about your mom getting cancer? I have learned the more you are there for people the more they expect it and then it becomes a habit to them. Some people just take and take and never give back. As hard as it is.. you have to let it go. She's clearly moved on.

    • Well we had sex more or less every day for a few years, so I don't think it was the friendzone. We just didn't make it to the relationship end zone.

  • That's awful. I'm so sorry.
    But sometimes the pain of realisation hurts that obviously you were giving much more than you were receiving.
    Use this as fuel to get over her. Cut those ties completely. Karma will sort her out.
    You seem like a good guy, things will be okay for you in the end but cut her out completely, she's toxic.
    Focus your energy on being the good person that you are and don't let her selfishness bring you down.


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