Problems with ex.. HELP?

SO basically shit went down i messaged a girl a couple of times, due to my anxiety proved my my doctors, i still obviously take responsibility, but my ex about a month after saying she misses me and stuff and she'd be willing to get back together but she needs time and space and wants to get to friends before going out understandably, now it's been almost 4 months and due to arguments and stuff she won't even speak to me anymore, I'm done with arguing with her but how can I contact her and try start over and stuff..
Finally started speaking, but she says she hasn't moved on yet, but she is trying to?


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  • i'm a female and if i were in that position i would probably be like "oh yeah i got him on my finger tips". what would work for is simply sending a message or voicemail saying something like "hey i know your not really talking to me but i miss you and if you want to work things out let me know. if you need time that's fine but i'm not waiting for you so figure it out". i feel like it would give me a quick reality check like ahit i love this man and he might find someone else

  • why?

    • what do you mean why?

    • if she hasn't reached out to you within and after the 4 months, why would you still want to reach out? clearly, she has moved on. you should too. you should consider to putting yourself first above all right now to help you with your anxiety. you do not need other people to fix you but you. maybe one day she will reach out to you on her own. but if you really want to reach out to her, go for it. but do you really want to go through the bullshit again? that is why I asked why.

  • Let her come to you, you persisting may draw her even further away.


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