Should I stay or should I leave?

OK so here's my deal... I've been talking on and off with this really cute guy. He is 26...I'm 20. The age diff. Doesn't seem to bother any of us. He lives around and 45min away from me and we've only hanged out a couple of times because of this and our schedules. He seems interested in me when we hang out but I don't know if I should just forget that me and him could ever have an actual relationship. I always seem to contact him first and he rarely will text me first... he's told me he hasn't found the right type of girl that will make him have a relationship but I like him so much I have hopes that he will start liking me enough to consider anything I don't know if o Should I just move on or stay around?
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By the way it has been around two years of talking on and off... I will text him around every other day or three times a week to not get annoying. I used to text him more often but he once told me I was trying too hard.
Should I stay or should I leave?
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