Well a girl who played with my feeling blocked me in all social media ever since I started to completely ignore her after I got reject by her. She did message me to ask me wether I mad because of her or not then I reply no just like that. Then today I went to my phone and check her insta and Facebook and found that she unfriended me in Facebook and blocked me in insta. So whyyy she did that, she is weird


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  • This isn't complicated at all- she's not interested.

    • I see but why she still text me

    • because she's free to text you and ask if you're mad at her, whether she's interested in you or not. (rejecting you doesn't mean she's disgusted by you as a person- she's just not interested in you romantically/sexually)

    • Truth is hurt , but it's okay haha thanks ya

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  • Why does it matter. She rejected you. I think she's the one who took to harshly by assuming your mad at her. But the situation depends, were you guys friends before this? Or complete strangers? If you guys had a relationship before all the than your kind of the douche bag for blocking her... I don't know..


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  • She rejected you, she probably is also just cutting off all contact to make things easier.

    • Well it happens two weeks later after I got reject

    • I don't know if she hate me or not , because I know the only way to let go is completely ignore her since I got reject , but why she still text me?

  • she a player. stay away from her.

    • Hmmmm haha nice advice

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    • you're welcome. now like my reply lol

    • Sure sure

  • Why do you care? It's over, it's been over.


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