Why does my ex flirt with me? and then try to make me jealous?

My ex girlfriend and I dated for about three years before she broke up with me for really unspecified reasons. I heard all the BS excuses "It's not you it's me", and so on. Anyways we been broke up for about two years now and she wanted to be good friends and what not which we have been. During the years we been broke up we been in contact with each other, hangout every so often but I don't really understand what she wants from me. She has had two boyfriends since me and currently one right now and every time she has relationship problems she uses me as a person to come to. she also flirts a lot with me and has even had sex with me a few times since breaking up. However, then she turns her back and try's to make me jealous. So I guess the questions I'm trying to get answered is, she says she doesn't want a relationship with me but her body language proves otherwise? and why does she try and make me jealous when she is the one that broke up with me?
Can I get someone's thoughts please? :)


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  • i thhk she wants you 2 tell her you like her... I don't really know what her deal is in this situation ... if you don't like her try to get a girlfrnd you lik soon so she won't use u...

    help this helps

    • Thk you for rating me best answer I needed those points really bad I'm still on level 1 though :)

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