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Okay so here's my story. Me and my fiancé have been together for almost 2 years. I know couples have problems but we started having these problems that could never be resolved. It was about sex. She wanted sex too much. I work a full time job and I'm tired when I get home. And when it gets late at night I want to go to sleep. She, on the other hand just sits at the house and makes sure it's clean and cooks the food. So we fight and fight and it's nonstop. So eventually I broke it off. Told her we need a break. It's been 3 weeks now and we're talking about getting back together. She said she's changed. She said this experience has opened her up. Should we do this? Try it again? Is it smart? Is it a mistake? Are we making it worse? Any help appreciated.


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  • If she meant something to you, definitely give it another try! Maybe she has opened up about it. Couples who stay together work through their differences.


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  • So what you both were actually arguing about was
    a) her to understand how hard you work to provide for you both
    b) she wanted you to understand her need to physical contact/quality time.

    It's more the issue of being able to understand what the other needs to be satisfied in the relationship. It's not selfish of either of you two to have things you need to have to be happy, but it is selfish if you don't at least try to compromise/make time to satisfy each others respective needs. For example, it could have been as simple as having intimate/individual time after a long hard days work to satisfy your needs to recharge your batteries and a date night scheduled during your off time where she gets what she wants.


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