Should I break up?

hi i am 17 year old female and i will be turning 18 next month and my boyfriend he turned 19 on July 1st. im going to be a senior this year and he already graduated may 22nd 2017 I've been thinking about breaking up with him cause all he does is play video games and always on his phone. but he tells me when he's a home he helps around the house. we have been dating for 5 months. like i remember when we would hangout at his house and my house he would always be on his cellphone looking at instagram posts. i told him that's really disrespectful and i took his phone away from him until it was time to go. he said he wouldn't do it no more... i imagined a boyfriend i can talk to when i need someone to talk to and who understands me, who works, goes to school (college), and not sitting at his parents house fucking playing video games and rely on his parents for everything. he said he wanted to go to the military but he keeps making excuses why he cant' study... for example he said he can't study, because my mom didn't buy him a computer but he has a 2 phones (a samsung i gave him because his other phone was really old.), a xbox1, a tv. he makes excuses why he can't get a job cause he doesn't have a ride. i live with my single mom and my mom can do a lot more crap than his parents. his parents are together and works the same job everyday except wensdays and thursdays. my mom works everyday and she can still manage to work things out. i feel like he's full of shit and if he wanted to go to the military he should of did that shit before he graduated... i feel like man should already have his shit together before try to date. i don't want to date a guy who still lives with his parents house... my boyfriend doesn't know how to clean a bathroom, cook, do hair (including his) and probably grocery shop by himself and this bothers me a lot. im trying to be patience but my patiences is running low.. But isn't that enough Time to get a job? Or am I overreacting?


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  • If you're having these kinds of problems after only 5 months, I don't think this is worth trying to fix. Sorry.

  • Just break up


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