Is there a way as far as the vagina feels if yoi can tell if she had sex prior?

i know once we have sex and i ejaculate inside her then later having sex again normally doesn't feel the same. but its been so long to compare the feelings as normal sex is compared. and then the cause of that feeling on top of if air was being trapped inside of her way more frequent during sex couple with that feeling wouldn't that be cause for concern and question if sex with another man was prior and he was more endowed in the whole penis department? lol... i said penis. i think i forgot to say vagina. there it is...


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  • You are worrying about the wrong thing my friend. I'd be more concerned about why this even matters to you in the first place.

    • tru dat... so my mentality seeing her behaviors is what I seen as the evidence persuading my judgment I concluded about her damn vagina when in fact I need to be more conscious of what I am doing to make her react in a way that makes me feel she is cheating or has been. maybe do a little drugs and chill and then pull up on her like hey... babe, your vagina feels pristine today. may I send out the troops in case there is an enemy behind the lines, hiding in the Bush? that'll get me in there like stained up swim wear. yes, gotta go back to the drawing board fo sho. hey thanks man IMA see if I can beat the brakes off it tonight with this new found confidence.

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  • No. No way

    • not even if there was a foot all up in it and I just missed him slipping under the bed as I walked in butt naked then hopped on wit a baby D?

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