When is a relation dead, like six feet under and not possible to re-boot?

Me and my girlfriend have gone on steady now for the past 7 years. We have a wonderfull daughter together, but for the past year things really got heated up... Or maybe frozen is the right word. I lost all my feelings for her, but my love for my kid is so big, and I don't want her to see her parents separate.
But I don't know anything anymore. What would be the best for all of us? I am so confused, don't sleep at night, just hate the idea of abandoning my child. Tho I think I probably would only live a few blocks away.
Please Help!


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  • sounds like she is full of spite.
    does she work or have any positive hobbies apart from putting you down?

    • She is not in a job, only certified hobby she have is to leave us on the evening to go and be with her friend. So latly I have had a rough time from them aswell, telling me how I let my daughter play me, as I kind of never yell or get mad at my daughter. It's like a golden rule with me. Yes I can be very loud at my daughter aswell, but only when she does thing she needs to remeber, like never wak across the road on herself without adult supervision, never talk to strangers, never use violence as a ressort. So common sense. But for not having brushed her teeth propperly fast, or don't

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    • Sounds like spite.
      Maybe you could give her a taste of what it would be like to be a single mum.
      Go away for a three night stay somewhere.
      She'll have cook meals, clean up and won't have the freedom to just get up and go to her friends house.

    • Got a good point there, but I am affraid that would be the end of the line for good. She'll have to many negative forces arround her telling her that she is better off. Mostly because they themselfs have ended up in crapy deals. But I serious have to think it trough. Thanks for the advice tho.

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  • Do you know the reason why you lost your feelings for her?

    • Don't know.. No more love, she's been going home without a job for so long, just complaining, and leting her steam out on our kid. So i try to do what I can best, and that is to shelter our kid from siĺliy outburst. Also, I really don't have that many friends I trust, while as she speaks about how incompetent I am to everyone, and it hurts, really bad, especially when I bring in the Money, do the cooking of food, play with my kid, and just because she tells me I can do anything to our neighbours, I am now the fix everything in the nabour hood idiot.
      So, see, it's a long complex story with a lot of small things that have grown over the years.
      I don't say I am perfect. Not even close, but with my meds condition PTSD, from conflict zones as first line emergency responder, I feel quite messed up, and don't feel like i need this shit, uptop of my carrier as a photojouro is tougher than ever.
      So I Honestly don't havw a clue..

  • who get the child if divorce occur?

    • Shared custody, 50%50 I suppose.

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    • It is, thanks for poinring it out for me.

    • very welcome even if i didn't really helped you 😓

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